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We'll Learn to Fly (ft. Run Rivers)

incl. Remix by Morttagua

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Galestian (ft. Run Rivers) — We'll Learn To Fly (incl. Remix by Morttagua)

Galestian (ft. Run Rivers) — We'll Learn To Fly
Release date: March 1, 2024

Label: Global Entry Recordings

Catalog: GER005

"We'll Learn to Fly" is Global Entry Recordings' fifth release, featuring a stellar collaboration between acclaimed producer Galestian and singer/songwriter Run Rivers, with a remix by the ever-innovative Morttagua.

Galestian, based at the crossroads of Los Angeles and Berlin, contributes his distinct production style that transcends the genre confines of modern electronic music.
Run Rivers, known for his work on labels like Anjunadeep and Nora En Pure's Purified Records, guides listeners with ethereal vocals on a transformative journey.
Adding his unique touch to this release is Morttagua, an influential force in the Brazilian electronic music scene, who remixes the track with a captivating dark and progressive energy.
Global Entry Recordings is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories. Take off with the immersive soundscapes of "We'll Learn To Fly."


01. We'll Learn to Fly (Original Mix)
02. We'll Learn to Fly (Morttagua Radio Mix)
03. We'll Learn to Fly (Ambient Mix)
04. We'll Learn to Fly (Extended Mix)
05. We'll Learn to Fly (Morttagua Extended Remix)
06. We'll Learn to Fly (Dub Mix)