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Thirty Something (Remix)

JP Lantieri

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JP Lantieri - Thirty Something (Galestian Remix) [Flemcy Music]

JP Lantieri — "Thirty Something" (Galestian Remix)
Release date: March 10, 2023

Label: Flemcy Music

Catalog: FLEM062


From the days of old, we've grown wise and bold, and we'll live to tell a Flemcy story that'll remain forever told as we chase the volcanic sounds of JP Lantieri, Aaron Swiss, Galestian, and Zy Khan as they erupt cataclysmically from an ancient crater and blitz mercilessly across the baron, frosted landscape in the age of 'Thirty Something' - the second chapter of our 'decades' trilogy, heading straight for our only means of escap-ing this cold, deserted world.

Flemcy president JP Lantieri's lead mix consumes hectare after hectare to a rampant, psy-trance inspired rhythm filled with blazing, ice-splitting synths, bubbling breaks, broiling atmospheres, and builds powerful enough to pulverise the nearest planet, and the planet after that. This is Lantieri at his very best.
Under the charcoal clouds commanding the skies, we struggle to breathe, ashes blind-ing our eyes from the deeply hypnotic, and densely layered 'Twenty Something' recon-struction by superb, American dj/producer and globetrotter Aaron Swiss, that merges flawlessly with the horizon like time crossing with our uncertain future.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a destructive torrent of titanic, peak-hour progressive fire balls ignited by Galestian's storming take on Lantieri's original mix begins to rain down sporadically from the blackened heavens and pummel into the frozen-solid lake we must get across if we want to live. With time having never before been more of the es-sence, we follow the hollow, holy chant guiding us assuredly out of the glacial death trap.
Clinging to our hope we push hard to reach a clearing, and our efforts are rewarded with Zy Khan's invigorating 'Thirty Something' revival. Restoring our vision, purifying our lungs, and replenishing our strength, this miracle concoction of comforting strings, beautiful breakbeat builds, and emotional, folk-inspired vocals is the perfect progres-sive rejuvenation as we find our way back to base, before heading full throttle towards the distant stars, homeward bound with our heroic tale of these events which came to pass.
When faced with a flood of seemingly impossible, time-sensitive challenges it is re-markable what we able to endure. And when electronic music, like the explosive con-tents of 'Thirty Something', is exposed to our absorbent senses, time can seem to stop as our imaginations drift into vivid, dramatic worlds. Now we rest, feeling musically blessed, let us now close the door to the ten years before and prepare for what les-sons the next decade has in store...


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Release Date: February 3, 2023