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Galestian - Pray [Dit Klingt Jut]

Galestian — Pray
Release date: August 19, 2022


Catalog: DKJ010


Sorrow is profound sadness, its pain reaching deep into our being. Being one of the heaviest emotions humans can experience it is difficult to embrace and allowing space for it is among the biggest personal challenges for each of us. Every moment of sorrow comprises a silver lining though, as when we integrate it we can find wisdom, understanding and empathy for ourselves and others.

Our dear friend GALESTIAN embraced the whole spectrum of sorrow in his track 'Pray', offering both moments of deep melancholy and luminous hope. A soft groove and subtle percussion-work gently guide us into the tune, setting the stage for emotions to arise. The mellow vocals and bassline then set in, entering a back-and-forth with yearning synths and the Armenian duduk. Seemingly without ever climaxing, the track meekly washes over us, leaving traces of connection, hope and reflection.
The Cologne-based Solink celebrates his second release on our label with a deep firework of a tune, representing the energetic side of sorrow and its release from our bodies. Imagine takes us on journey of soulful synth-modulations, showing a stark contrast between the driving first part and the beautifully imagined, calm bridge that takes us right into the heart of sorrow before culminating in a powerful drop signifying the energetic release of the emotion.


  1. Galestian - Pray
  2. Solink - Imagine