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Piercing Through

incl. Remix by Rauschhaus

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Galestian (ft. Run Rivers) — We'll Learn To Fly (incl. Remix by Morttagua)

Galestian — Piercing Through (incl. Rauschhaus Remix)
Release date: May 16, 2024


Catalog: DT032

"Piercing Through" by GALESTIAN is a hypnotic journey, centered around a captivating vocal that weaves through the heart of the track. Its deep, rhythmic foundations and atmospheric layers create a mesmerizing experience, drawing listeners into a state of trance.

Rauschhaus's remix adds a new depth to "Piercing Through," focusing on enhancing the tempo and fierce stabs, while introducing intricate, textured beats. The result is a deeper, more forward version that maintains the enchanting allure of the original.


01. Piercing Through (Original Mix)
02. Piercing Through (Rauschhaus Remix)