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Paul Oakenfold & I Collaborate on "Summer Nights"

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Paul Oakenfold and I joined forces to create "Summer Nights" in celebration of the 50th release on Perfecto Black – the underground side of his Perfecto Records imprint.

The track brings together all of the early influences of trance music that initially captured my heart, and bridges it with the modern sounds of progressive house and melodic techno that I'm in love with today.

If you've been a fan of Oakenfold's earlier work, you'll surely recognize those influences scattered all throughout this track – from the ethereal melodies to the operatic chants.

Really hope you enjoy this release as much as we enjoyed creating it. With that said, I'm excited to present to you...

Paul Oakenfold & Galestian - Summer Nights [Perfecto Black]

Release Description:

To mark the 50th release for the label we present something very special: Summer Nights, a collaboration between Perfecto head-honcho Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto Black veteran Galestian.

This track features chugging grooves, tripped out arpeggiated melodies, pounding rhythms and beautiful, soaring vocal cuts, all weaved together to form an expertly crafted piece of progressive house music.

We're confident that Perfecto fans the world over will be well-pleased with this release; a pounding progressive cut that is guaranteed to deliver on the dancefloor.