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My Book Is Out Now on Amazon!

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The Nomadic Music Producer's Handbook is out now!

Love producing music? Love traveling? No reason you can't do both at the same time!

In the book, I share my experiences on the road for 3+ years, and how I've been able to continue releasing music while constantly traveling.

You can grab it at and I'll throw in 2 free guides with your order too. Or head over to and place your order there (I won't be able to include the free guides on Amazon, unfortunately).

The Nomadic Music Producer's Handbook: How To Produce Music While Traveling The World

About The Book

Learn about the tools you'll need to make your dreams as a nomadic music producer a reality. This 70+ page eBook covers everything from planning your departure, adopting the traveler's mindset, and overcoming fears to travel gear, mobile music production equipment, health and fitness while traveling, and how to make the most of your experiences as an electronic music artist on the road.

The book discusses the author's professional background working in LA's broadcast and media industries, DJing and producing music to international acclaim, and overcoming limiting beliefs to adopting a lifestyle of long-term travel. Specific topics include building your mobile music production studio, optimizing your monitoring while on the road, choosing your travel gear, additional ways to earn an income as you travel, health and fitness that you can implement into your mobile lifestyle, and more.

Become a nomadic producer today. Travel the world. Make music.

Buy Now

Purchase the eBook on and I'll include 2 free guides with your order:

  • The Nomadic Producer's Guide to International Dance Music Conferences so you can find out about the best dance music conferences around the world and how to make the most of them.
  • The Nomadic Producer's Guide to Free Stays so you can find out how to minimize your travel costs by finding free accommodation (and sometimes food as well!) as you travel around the world

You can also order the eBook on, though I won't be able to include the free guides.

Thanks and I hope the book will be an enjoyable source of inspiration and information for you!