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Majestic Family Records Artist Compilation 003

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Majestic Family Records - Artist Compilation 003

Majestic Family Records — Artist Compilation 003.
Release date: Feb. 22, 2017 .
Label: Majestic Family Records.

Label Description:

Majestic Family Records presents its third artist compilation, mixed and compiled by Nicolas Petracca. Featuring label highlights by artists such as Nick Koplan, Hernan Serrao, Arthur Galestian, Chris Domingo, Miss T, Jos & Eli, Nicolas Petracca and more…


  1. Nick Koplan - Wisdom (Original Mix)
  2. Hernan Serrao - Nibiru (Paul Kardos Remix)
  3. Arthur Galestian (ft. EKA) - The Path We Chose (Vocal Mix)
  4. Chris Domingo & Miss T - Broke Genius (Bablak Remix)
  5. Jos & Eli - Lolita (Wai Remix)
  6. Nicolas Petracca & Ezequiel Anile - Without Horizons (Ri Za Remix)
  7. Ewan Rill - Fanatic (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
  8. Robert R. Hardy - Circulatory Disturbance (Tommi Oskari Remix)
  9. Stereo For Two - Back to Space (Milos Ilic Remix)
  10. Kamilo Sanclemente - Guidance of Constellations (Original Mix)
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