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Lucidity / Shanti EP

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Arthur Galestian - Lucidity EP incl. Lucidity / Shanti [Droid9]

Arthur Galestian — Lucidity EP.
Release date: Oct. 09, 2017.
Label: Droid9.

Label Description:
Originally from Los Angeles, California, currently Tokyo-based DJ/Producer Arthur Galestian makes his Droid9 debut with this beautiful EP, stylistically sitting on the fence between deep dark progressive house and melodic techno.


Driving drums set the pace on this stunner. Breathe echoes through the chamber. Dimension arrives in the form of extraterrestrial texture. The cavern opens up with a sigh and you’re welcomed by a melody inspired by intergalactic beaches. As guitars softly strum, you remember what it is like when the stars stand still, when your spirit soars across the heavens. An otherworldly vocal breezes against your skin, reminding you of your humanity. Texture lights up, phosphorescent.


Slightly sexy, slightly raw, this track is perfumed with dark sensuality. Picture an extraterrestrial nightclub, bodies of all types jive across the dance floor. Those minimalistic house-hued sounds always get them moving. The wistful melody makes you yearn for long nights when the moons pirouette in arcs through the skies together. Subtle vocal – what magic does she murmur? She is soon followed by a sweet bell, creating an intoxicating mix of melancholy and anticipation.


  1. Lucidity (Original Mix)
  2. Shanti (Original Mix)