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Lange - Better Late Than Never

Album Review by Arthur Galestian for KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: Arthur Reviews Lange’s “Better Late Than Never
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Lange - Better Late Than Never, album review by Arthur Galestian

Better Late Than Never” celebrates Lange’s 10 years of producing electronic dance music. Lange has produced an amazing repertoire of tracks which have been very successful in the UK. This digital album release highlights his most recent productions, in addition to a second CD which exposes some of his most influential works of the past.

The entire album is phenomenal from start to finish. Listeners of my radio show will recognize several tracks which I have wholeheartedly supported, including: “Songless”, “Angel Falls”, and “Red October.” Those into the vocal side of trance are sure to enjoy “Songless,” which has also seen a release as a single along with various remixes, and “Maybe Tomorrow,” a driving dance track. “Frozen Beach” shows the more chilled-out side of Lange: ambient sounds designed to carry you away. Lange is known for the breath-taking melodies of his tracks, and this album is a surefire way to understand the mind of this very talented producer.

The second CD represents quite a bit of nostalgia, and takes us back in time to the epic sounds of European trance music. Not a single track was a disappointment, so it is very difficult to decide where to start! The massive club track, “Another You, Another Me,” which Lange produced with UK DJ and producer, Gareth Emery, is one of the flagship tracks on the CD. Going back to some of his classics, his stunning remix of “Protect Your Mind” by DJ Sakin & Friends, riding on the theme for the movie “Braveheart” is sure to take you back to 1999 — a glorious year for trance music. In addition, Lange’s breakbeat remix of Brainchild’s “Symmetry C” is another noteworthy track, which I have supported many times on the show as well. Last but not least, one of my favorite vocal trance tracks of all time, “Drifting Away” produced with vocalist Skye is one of those tracks which you can just never get enough of!

I highly recommend this album for anyone who is a fan of electronic dance music. If you are new to trance, this is definitely an album that I would add to my collection, as it spans the time line of a decade. Lange is constantly on the cutting edge of dance music, and it is quite inspiring to witness how his sound has changed over the years, while still keeping the elements which are uniquely Lange. Whether you’re driving in your car, getting ready to party, working out, or enjoying the comfortable surroundings of your home, this is the perfect album to tune in to at any time.

Lange and I had a chance to speak in August of 2007 about his successes as a DJ and producer. For the interview, head on over to or find it directly at

For more on Lange, you can check him at out

– Arthur Galestian
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