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INTERVIEW: The Lowdown with EDM Identity & Guest Mix

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Get The Lowdown on Globetrotting Artist, Arthur Galestian [EDMIdentity]

“From the grounds of Los Angeles to the hills of Bali, few growing talents in the industry can call out the accomplishments of globetrotting artist Arthur Galestian."

- Matt "MyStro" Schaitel, EDM Identity.

An exclusive guest mix is also available for EDM Identity's readers.

Arthur Galestian comes from a wide swath of talents ranging from writing a book to perfecting his skills a DJ and producing all sorts of unique styles, all while crossing borders and turning heads the whole world over. Arthur has made it a mission to do what he loves while also exploring the reaches of the world, making the story behind his sets and releases even more interesting.

Although he’s returned to Los Angeles this year, Arthur continues to showcases how these diverse experiences have led to further development of him as an artist. Listen to his guest mix below and dive into who Arthur is and where he is headed over the coming year!"