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Fresen - Humans II (Remix)

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Fresen - Humans II (Galestian Remix) [Click Records]

Fresen — Humans II (Galestian Remix)
Release date: November 20, 2020
Label: Click Records

Label Description:

Click Records released a remix compilation from Fresen, the Colombian DJ/Producer behind his "Forest Rain" EP.

For this release, an incredible array of artists join in on remix duties:
Barbour, Lauren Mia, Solemn Eye, Galestian, Leghet and Jannis Brinkmann.


  1. Fresen - Forest Rain (Barbour Remix)
  2. Fresen - Forest Rain (Lauren Mia Remix)
  3. Fresen - Forest Rain (Leghet Remix)
  4. Fresen - Humans II (Solemn Eye Remix)
  5. Fresen - Humans II (Galestian Remix)
  6. Fresen - Humans II (Jannis Brinkmann Remix)