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Deep House Luxury, Vol. 2 (Compilation)

Outta Limits Recordings

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Deep House Luxury, Vol. 2 [Outta Limits Recordings]

Various Artists — Deep House Luxury, Vol. 2
Release date : Jun. 13, 2014
Label : Outta Limits

Label Description:

Music by Davina, Stan Kolev, K-Bana, Matan Caspi, LouLou, Stan Kolev, Toby Holguin, Arthur Galestian, Davina, Beatkrush, White Resonance, Hoova, J. Khobb, Miami Delirium, Diego Astaiza, Beat Factory, No Mercy.


  1. Matan Caspi - Niu (Original Mix )
  2. LouLou - Somebody (Original Mix)
  3. Stan Kolev, Toby Holguin - Don't Make Me Wait (Lazy Summer Mix)
  4. Arthur Galestian - Dancing On Jupiter (Original Mix)
  5. Davina, Beatkrush - Pakita (Davina House Remix)
  6. White Resonance, Hoova - Last Night (Original Mix)
  7. J. Khobb - When The Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)
  8. Miami Delirium - Slowdown (Original Mix)
  9. Stan Kolev - Across Bengal (Original Mix)
  10. Diego Astaiza - The Big Power Of Peace (Original Mix)
  11. Stan Kolev - Ultimate Love (Original Mix)
  12. Beat Factory - Please (Stan Kolev Deep Dub Mix)
  13. Stan Kolev, No Mercy - Miraculous Ways (K-Bana Remix)
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